WORLD PULL-UP DAY 2014 collected more than 150 000 Pull-Ups in 53 countries around the world

September 19, 2014  

On 14 September 2014, in 255 locations people from 53 countries around the world competed by doing pull-ups during the largest global sports and charity event named ‘WORLD PULL-UP DAY’. Within 24 hours more than 13 000 people made over 150 000 pull-ups and donated money for different charity purposes.

It was the first event of this kind organized on international level. People gathered in designated places (Pull-Up Points) to do pull-ups and donate money and goods to others in need. Locations of the Pull-up Points covered the whole world. As the participating countries were located in different time zones, the event started at sunrise in Pull-Up Point at Bonday beach in Sydney, Australia (being the first one), continued via Asia, Europe and Africa and ended up in America along with sunset approaching the Pull-Up Point at Venice beach of Los Angeles, USA (being the final one). Also the weather conditions varied from lots of sun and warmth across the African continent and central part of Europe to heavy rains in Moscow Gorky Park and South America and even storm in Malaysia and China. Regardless of the weather conditions and difference in time and distance people all over the world were united for the common goal – doing pull-ups for a good cause.

“Within a very limited time people around the world managed to create so many Pull-Up Points and share their love with others doing simple pull-ups. The event turned out to be a great celebration for all involved and we will let it happen every year from now on. Our team is motivated to continue the growth of this global social and sports event year by year” – said Maris Slezins, creator of the World Pull-Up Day, Founder and Chairman of the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation.

Complication for this event was the need for pull-up bars which normally cannot be found in the city centre, but even this obstacle did not prevent so many people from doing pull-ups and donating money and goods. Many Pull-Up Points were supported by local and international celebrities. In Russia for example the project was under the patronage of Russian famous music artist Timati, also the famous Russian football player Dmitry Kambarov donated his pull-ups for the project.

Since the idea of World Pull-Up Day is coming from the Latvia where on a national level this event was organized already for the third time, this year Latvia managed to organize 95 pull-up points and to collect more than 6000 participants making over 67 000 pull-ups in total taking the first place in international competition among countries. That is a huge success for a small country with less than 2 million citizens.

The second country was Russia with almost 1300 participants and 21 000 total pull-ups made, the third was Germany with almost 1000 participants and more than 9000 total pull-ups made.

The strongest country with 24.4 pull-ups made on the average by every participant was Bosnia and Herzegovina, the second strongest was Canada with 22.7 average pull-ups made and the third was Spain with 20.8 average pull-ups made.

The highest number of pull-ups made in a single set was 100 pull-ups for male participants (set by 13 years old Oleg Slovcov from Kaluga city in Russia) and 43 pull-ups for female participants (set by Julia Szalata from Bydgoszcz city in Poland). Each registered participant was allowed to do only 1 set of pull-ups for maximum number of continuous repetitions.

Complete results and rank of all countries is available at the World Pull-Up Day official web site: The results are still subject to final adjustment after verification of data, hence the official results and records set will be announced soon.

Next year the World Pull-Up Day 2015 event will take place in early fall and the organizers’ goal for the next year is to involve more than 100 countries and find global partner organizations that would be willing to contribute money or goods for each pull-up made worldwide, thus adding global scale and value to the charity side of this project.

Information prepared by:

Raivis Leimanis

World Pull-Up Day project manager

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