August 13, 2015


The main goals of the World Pull-Up Day are:

To establish annual tradition – global social event which combines physical activity and charity.

To bring together for a common activity – pull-ups – as many people as possible from all around the world (both people with sporting background and people completely unrelated to sport).

To raise money for charitable purposes (to solve various social problems).

To unite people of various countries, cities and inhabited places by positive emotions.


World Pull-Up Day (“WPD”) Pull-Up Point (“PUP”) may be organized by any private individual, organization or sports team which is ready to take responsibility to organize WPD PUP in its country, city or region according to all regulations and instructions provided by the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (“Federation”).


WPD is a global social project whose purpose is to unite people by activity (pull-ups) and to raise (to the extent possible) money for charity or to do certain good act. Therefore each of you should approach the residents, organizations and companies of your country, city or inhabited place and encourage them to do good things. There are 2 options how to raise money or other goods for charitable purpose:

you find a partner – company or organisation which will make a donation (a certain amount of money for each pull-up made at your PUP, or, alternatively, a lump sum donation if certain amount of pull-ups is reached at your PUP) to the specified charitable purpose. You and your potential partner(s) may select and set charitable purposes at your own choice.

Example 1: A company based in Offenburg, Germany, promises to donate to the Offenburg orphanage EUR 0.10 for every pull-up made at the Offenburg PUP. For instance, if 22’500 pull-ups will be made in total, the company will donate EUR 2’250.

Example 2: A company based in Offenburg, Germany, promises to renovate all cages in local animal shelter if at least 10’000 pull-ups will be made in total at the Offenburg PUP.

you find a local charity organisation which is ready to bring to your PUP its own representative (e.g., employee) who will collect donations at your PUP from its participants and visitors. In that case representatives must sign at the end of every judging sheet as witnesses (not more than 2 persons). The donation by participants is voluntary (not mandatory). Even if the participant does not donate anything, his presence at your PUP increases the overall number of people participating in this global project and thus increases the charity potential in future.

Example 3: Representatives from local Red Cross are present at your WPD PUP and collect donations from those participants and visitors who are willing to donate something. Not only money but also things may be donated, for instance, children toys for orphanages, clothing / sports items for local boarding-schools or orphanages, etc.

You can also establish partnerships of more commercial nature. For instance you can agree with local companies or organisations that they will provide to all participants of your WPD PUP discount coupons for purchase of their products, or will provide complementary (i.e., free of charge) goods or services.

Example 4: Café based in Hong Kong centre provides free tea or coffee to each participant of the WPD.

Example 5: Local sports store provides 20% discount for 1 purchase to each participant of the WPD. Or, alternatively, the discount is tied to the number of pull-ups participant has made – 10 pull-ups made give 5% discount, 20 pull-ups give 10% discount, 30 pull-ups give 15%, and so on.

You can also raise donations for your own purposes (related to street workout), such as building of new street workout park or purchase of new sports equipment. In that case you must strictly undertake responsibility for the fair collection and use of the donations according to the instructions set herein.


It is important to locate WPD PUP in area where you have a lot of passer-by people (visitors) and potential participants.

WPD PUP can be organized in any existing street workout park or any other place that has a pull-up bar. However, to the extent possible WPD PUP must be organized in public area with free public access and central location within your city. For example school stadium with a pull-up bar.

As street workout parks are usually remote from the city centre it is highly recommended to use a portable pull-up bar. If you have a portable pull-up bar, you should place it in the very centre of your city. For example, in the central square of your city.

The number of PUPs per each country and city is not limited.


Any fixed pull-up bar is in territory (land plot) owned by someone. Therefore before organizing your PUP please contact owner of the land plot and ask for his permission (preferably in written form) to have PUP there. As the WPD is a social project there should be no fee paid for using the pull-up bars, therefore we do not recommend you to consent to any payments to land owners.

If you have a portable pull-up bar we recommend placing it in a central location within your city (see Clause 4 above) so that it is noticed by as many people as possible. In this case you should also approach owner of the location. In most cases it will be city municipality. When you approach the municipality you should ask for permission to place the portable pull-up bar in your chosen location, as well as to support you by placing the information about the event in the municipal media and social networks. In some countries (municipalities) it is also required that you must coordinate any public events and placement of advertisements (of your partners / supporters) with the city municipality in advance and get their approval. Please find out the requirements of your city council and apply for necessary permits to avoid conflicts with police or monetary sanctions.

In the event the coordination process is too long and bureaucratic, but you still want to organize PUP, you may do it without coordination with authorities, based on argument that people can be present in public places and can join for sporting activities there (if they do not disturb others). It would be possible only in case you do not have supporters and you do not market (advertise) anything there. Please ensure that only judges wearing WPD branded clothing without any other advertisements are in the PUP.


There have to be at least 2 (maximum number is unlimited) judges in each WPD PUP. One of the judges shall be appointed as the main judge. The main judge is responsible for proper filling and signing of the judging sheets by all judges and witnesses (Annex 1). The judges invite people to do pull-ups and record the results of participants. Any adult and mentally capable person (according to local legislation) may become a judge. The judges must know proper pull-up technique, as well must be able to show people how to do proper pull-ups in case of uncertainty.


The judges at the WPD PUP must be identified by WPD official logotype (may be downloaded from the WPD official website / This logotype is the unifying element and is mandatory for all PUPs. It is recommended to print this logotype on any light coloured T-shirts, caps or any other clothing or attributes, so that people arriving at the PUP may recognize the official judges and other staff members.

If there are more resources it is possible to make banners, posters or flags with WPD logo, but their placement should always be coordinated with the land owner and/or municipality in advance.

If your PUP has supporters or partners you may place their banners, informative posters, as well as print their logos on your T-shirts, however the size of their logo shall not exceed 50% of the size of WPD official logo (otherwise the unifying element of the WPD may get lost). You are responsible for coordination of advertising materials with the land owner and/or municipality.


To become officially recognized by the Federation every WPD PUP has to be registered centrally by filling the registration form at the WPD official website / The deadline for submission of registration form is September 03, 2015. At the first step you have to complete mandatory blank fields (indicated as such in the registration form) and press “Register your pull-up point”. After submission of the registration form the Federation’s representative will review it and will approve your PUP. After approval you will receive to your e-mail address indicated in the registration form a confirmation e-mail with an invitation to complete remaining part your registration form, a link to your registration form and a password to access it. Please complete all the remaining blank fields indicated in the registration form. Please be careful when indicating exact location and contact details of your PUP. Once you have completed all the required fields press “Submit”. After submission of the completed registration form the Federation’s representative will review it and will publish your PUP. After publishing your PUP will be added to the WPD official website: / Every registered PUP will have a unique identification number which shall further be used when referring to that particular PUP.


Before the WPD you must define the opening hours (i.e., working hours) of your PUP during the 12th of September. The opening hours must be specified in the registration form. We recommend keeping your PUP open from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. (from 9:00 to 17:00 o’clock). The minimum operating time for the PUP is 4 hours.

There have to be at least 2 judges present at the PUP during all its opening hours. All judges must wear clothing branded with WPD official logo. Every judge must have printed judging sheets (Annex 1) of both categories – men (all ages) and women (all ages), where each participant must be registered by specifying his ordinal number and filling his personal data (name, surname, age) with clearly written capital letters. Each participant in the judging sheet of a particular category must be assigned an ordinal number starting from 1. There is room for 30 participants per each judging sheet, therefore if there are more participants in the PUP the judges must use additional sheets. Each judging sheet has to be numbered and signed by all judges and witnesses.

Participant’s personal data (name, surname, age) must be specified in the judging sheet to enable the Federation to verify the submitted data and avoid falsification of results. If the participant’s personal data will be incomplete or inaccurate his results will be annulled. When the particular participant has finished doing his official attempt of pull-ups, the judge records the number of his pull-ups in the judging sheet beside that participant’s name and the participant approves the recorded number with his personal signature.

All participants are divided in 2 categories: 1) Men (all ages) and 2) Women (all ages). There is separate judging sheet for each category which has to be printed out and filled accordingly.

In case donations are collected from participants at the PUP then the participant also writes in the judging sheet the total amount he has decided to donate. His signature in the judging sheet proves the amount donated. In case there are representatives from charity organisation which collect donations themselves, they sign at the end of each judging sheet as witnesses (not more than 2 persons).

Every participant may do pull-ups in a single try (attempt). The pull-ups must be made continuously within one and the same attempt. If the participant jumps-off or drops-off the pull-up bar his attempt is over. To warm up before the official attempt the participant is allowed to do some warm up pull-ups which are not included in the total count of his pull-ups. The participant must warn the judges when he starts the official attempt. The maximum number of pull-ups made by the participant is recorded by judge(s) per one official attempt only. If the participant is not satisfied with his result during the first attempt, he is allowed to do repeated attempt, but only after all other participants have finished their first attempts. If the participant is not satisfied with his result during the second attempt, he is allowed to do repeated attempt, but only after all other participants have finished their second attempts, and so on. The number of repeated attempts is not limited. Detailed description of the proper pull-up technique is given in the WPD official website: /

The task of the judges is to invite participants, to record their results in the judging sheets, to make photos and videos at their PUP for the WPD official web page, and to ask the participants to share information about their participation in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the official hashtag #worldpullupday.

After the end of the opening hours of the PUP the organizers and judges:

must summarize all results recorded per judging sheets and enter them in the official results’ form in the WPD official website: /

together with submission of the official results must upload 5 good quality pictures to the WPD official website: /

must send all judging sheets as scanned files or good quality photos to e-mail The e-mail subject field must contain country name, PUP identification code assigned by the Federation and word “judging sheets”. For example “Hong Kong 15 judging sheets”.

Deadline for submission of the above information – the end of day of 12 September 2015. It is very important to follow this deadline because the Federation has to process and summarize the submitted information on time.

After receipt of the above information all results will be summarized by the Federation in the official web site /

As WPD is social event no cheating will be tolerated. Judges and organizers who will falsify the results will be forever excluded from organizing WPD in future.


Within next 24 hours from the WPD the central office of the Federation will continuously summarize the submitted results and will publish them at the WPD official web site /

On 13th September 2015 the Federation will officially announce the overall results achieved during the WPD 2015.


The Federation works to attract global media partners for the WPD project, but we also request organizers of each WPD PUP to distribute the official information about the project in their regional media and social networks. The more people will become aware of this project in your area, the more visitors will come to your PUP.

After the event the Federation will prepare official statement about the WPD results which you will be able to distribute via your social networks and regional media.


After the WPD we ask you to submit us short feedback about the WPD event in your country, city or inhabited place. The feedback shall contain information how to improve the event in 2016 to make this project even more successful.

WPD judging sheets (2 separate categories – men and women).